"Strength in diversity. Its the Solarian way."
Xavier Madora

The Solarians are a highly diverse humanoid species originating from the Solaris System. They are the fourth-oldest civilized race in the galaxy, and the third most powerful, their small empire being a handicap. Their distinctive features were their dark skin, diverse sub-races, and common ancestry to a single pair of individuals, Malakai and Belisari Madora, who created their entire civilization. The Solarians all share the same home system, though their sub-groups each hail from different worlds within the system itself. They are only one of two species who's creators originated from Earth, the other being the Izanagi with whom they share many similaries. They govern the Solaris Federation, which has only just begun to expand following the invasion of the Solaris by the Amaru Hordes in 9,344 XE.

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