"They all possess the same drive, determination, and passion for science as that one woman. The Nakala aren't a people, they're a person."
Vashan Madora

The Nakala are a humanoid race of clones without no actual homeworld. They are the clones of the Iconian female, Asani, who sought to continue her unethical practices far from the restrictive Iconian laws regulating science and research. While she herself is a synthetical being, her clones are not, the only check against their numbers. They are the third-oldest race in the galaxy, and the third most powerful owing their size and technology as their number one advantage. As they sought to learn the secrets of the universe, they took to the stars aboard small planet-sized worldships, which houses tens of millions of Nakala. They have run into the Amaru many times, and are credited with their sheer force of ships as a barrier between civilized space and the barren worlds of Amaru space.

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