The Madora Family is a powerful political dynasty which rules the Solaris System, and all the worlds within. Leading the family is Malakai Madora, who is the family patriarch, while his wife, Belisari Madora, is the family matriarch. The family was established in 10,000 XE, following the couple's move to the star system using an ancient and obscure type of technology, which could be placed somewhere between a time machine device, and an interstellar teleporter. Since then, the family has grown to control all of the worlds in the star system, with all of its eldest members ruling the constitute planets of the Solaris Federation.


Family MembersEdit

The Madoras practice copous amounts of incest, given that they wish to keep the power in the family, as well as the control of the family patriarch. Given that they are perfect, and incest does not have the same effects on them as it does on humans, it does not produce the same mutations or dieseases commonly found in human families that pratice incest. It should be noted that in regards to Malakai and Belisari's birth dates, they are in fact 10,000 years older that their original selves, having travelled ten thousand years into the past.