"We're brothers in arms are we not?"
Miyako Ishikawa, after citing the similaries between the Izanagi and Solarians

The Izanagi are a diverse humanoid species hailing from the Tōkaidō System. They are the fifth-oldest race of civilized beings in the galaxy, and the third most powerful, only so because of their drive to expand their territories in accord with their culture. They are noted for their high intelligence and rich culture, and their superb weapons technology, which has been proven the equal to Solarian weaponry. They are the kindred brethren of the Solarians, as they too were created by two individuals from Earth, the siblings Miyako amd Kenjiro Ishikawa. Furthermore, their two star systems are but 263 lightyears apart. The Izanagi Empire is a rather large nation, bordering the Solaris Federation with whom they are allied.

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