"Too smart for you own good I see. Well that is a problem that can be fixed with a sword."
Kenjiro Ishikawa, while insulting Iconian knowledge

The Iconians are a synthetic humanoid species originating from the planet Iconia. They are the oldest species in the galaxy at 50,000 years of age, and the most advanced. They have been governing the empire of Iconius, which has been classed as the largest and most powerful empire in the galaxy, but greatly weakened by the non-stop invasions of the Amaru Hordes. Distinctive features of the Iconians are their glowing tattoos, along with their bright glowing eyes, the side-effect of their synthetic nature and intelligence. They have been viewed as the "first amoung equals" by the other races allied to them, and have taken the lead in nearly all ventures of the civilized races.

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