"Only once the rest of the galaxy burns with out anger and hatred can "true" preace prevail. Your sins fuel our hate, and your fears give us substainance. We shall be victorious."
Azazel the Great

The Amaru are a savage race of humanoids hailing from beyond Civilized Space in the galaxy northeast. They are the largest race in the galaxy, yet they are only the second most powerful. This is due to their lack of cohesion and unity, and their backwards technology, with the majority of their armies still using kinetic weapons–which are still more advanced than human weapons, and spears, swords, maces, and arrows. They are a pale skinned race, with keen hearing and smell. Crude and without mercy or compassion, they seek to conquer the galaxy to increase their empire's size, and remove the "blight" of their enemies whom they view as haughty and without real power. They have only recently been united under the leadership of Azazel the Great, though they are still known as the Amaru Hordes.

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